This is a fast world that we live in.  Quicker internet speeds continue to come out each year, the latest twitter feed will tell you everything that has happened around the world within the hour, and many restaurants have added a second drive-thru line, in case one line at an instant fast-food establishment wasn’t fast enough.  Speed is the one thing that every business seems to be after these days, for good reason.  Time is money and every minute that a business is not pushing the sale of a product or service is a potential loss in profit.  The way in which you spend your well-deserved free time is equally as important.  Balancing the kids’ hectic extracurricular schedule with a full work week and not-so-random errands that come up every day, there isn’t much you time leftover.  Time is important and it should be spent wisely.

Sand Time

However, the massage industry has seemingly been able to ignore this phenomenon.  If someone’s body ever finds itself in need of a massage, extensive planning is needed in order to fit the operation  into their busy schedule and into the massage parlor’s schedule.  Sure, most procedures only take about an hour to perform, but the duration of the massage is not the only time that must be spent.  The oils that are used during professional massages heighten the experience of the customer during their appointment but are not meant to stay on the body for the rest of the day, hence the smell.  So, the time that it takes to drive back home and to take a shower must be included on the mental bill, as well.  The good news is that traditional massage parlors no longer corner the market in Lexington and monopolize the price of time that must be spent by everyone in need of a massage.  Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness offers massages that actually fit in with the fast paced society that we live in.

Massage Bed

A simple 20-minute aqua massage at our studio will give your body all of the benefits that would be accrued during an hour long traditional massage.  While laying down in any of our massage beds, pressurized water will move up and down your back that will improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and alleviate joint stiffness.  Better yet, each customer is able to stay dry, clean and clothed!  An acrylic canopy closes over you before the massage starts and a waterproof barrier forms to your body as the water jets travel between your neck and feet.  So, there are no lingering time costs to be considered with an aqua massage.  You can be in and out in 20 minutes or less while immediately proceeding with the rest of your day with a relaxed body and regained energy.

 Walk Ins

Not only are we fast, but we provide a sense of convenience that is never even been thought of when someone is in the market for a traditional massage.  In the past, whenever someone wanted a massage, they would have to schedule an appointment weeks in advance to ensure that it would fit into their schedule.  Between our four massage beds at Vfit and the short 20 minute blocks of time needed to fill an appointment, there is always time to fit more people in throughout each day.  Not to mention the fact that we welcome walk-ins!  When it comes to getting a massage, it doesn’t get any easier than Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness.

Beach Thought Bubble

Anyone can reap the full benefits of a massage whenever they want and in as little as 20 minutes.  Traditional massages can often become an all-day ordeal and in the fast-paced world we live in, that just doesn’t make sense most of the time.  So, why not pop into Vfit after work, on your lunch break, or simply push pause on your Netflix series and stop by now.  You owe your body a quick break from your hectic lifestyle.  At Vfit, you can sneak on a 20-minute vacation whenever you want.

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Will Sweet
Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness
Marketing Coordinator