Add a small slice of paradise to your work or social gathering.


Hosting a work event or social gathering is an easy way to become everyone’s favorite person in the workplace.  The annual, company Christmas party is something that the entire office looks forward to and the individual who takes it upon themselves to organize the event tends to be one of the most popular employees in the building.  The utilization of extracurricular activities in the workplace and social groups are important and provide many benefits for everyone involved, in addition to the high school-esque status boost that the host receives.  Organized events outside of business hours strengthen co-worker relationships, creates a better working environment, and can be enough to take some of the edge off of never-ending work weeks.  Of course, hosting events at your own house come with their own list of complications, specifically the set-up and clean-up phases.  Although, having social gatherings in residential areas also run the risk of becoming white noise, being lumped into the category of every other office get-together, and ultimately becoming an afterthought or a not-so-memorable experience.  This is where we come in!

Lounge Area

Our goal at Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness is to promote overall wellness in each and every one of our customers.  Our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy massage beds, small-group fitness classes, and all-natural supplements can put anyone onto the path of total physical and mental wellness; but we don’t stop there.  Human beings are social by nature.  So, we do not ignore the aspect of social wellness either.  Our studio provides the perfect, fun, friendly and relaxing atmosphere for any type of social gathering. The cool blue and tropical themed décor help to enhance a naturally relaxing feel in our studio that could serve as a perfect opposite to the hectic and stressful nature that comes with having a full-time job.  Vfit is still a very young business, but we have already been hosts to several events ranging from bridal showers to singles club socials.  Our studio can serve as an incredible venue for any kind of social gathering, and people are starting to notice.

Dark Massage Room

We have not even gotten to the best part yet.  Since we do happen to have four aqua massage beds at our disposal, complimentary massages for everyone who attends the event are well within reach.  Just imagine it; in-between networking and making your third trip to the hors d’oeuvres table, you can hop into a massage bed and embark on a mini-vacation of complete relaxation.  All four of the massage beds are separated into their own private area, which makes for easy and efficient means for all guests to get their turn in massage beds and return to mingling.  “Goody bags” will never be required here.  Everyone who attends an event at Vfit will leave feeling better than they did when they walked in, we guarantee it.

Studio Get Together

Our workout floor, located in the back of the studio, is a large, open area that can also be used for anything that you can think of.  There is a large television that has cable, blu ray, and video streaming capabilities for anyone who thinks that a movie night would be the perfect way to end an exciting evening at Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness.  There is enough room in this area to set up several tables and chairs if a banquet-style gathering sounds more appealing.  Additionally, our sound system in the back was installed to be used for high-intensity Tabata Bootcamps, so clearing out this area and turning off the lights to create more of a dance party atmosphere can even be achieved (this is something that we’ve been dying to try out, by the way).  The possibilities are limitless for anyone who decides to use our studio as their party venue of choice.

The benefits of being the host of a workplace or social gathering definitely outweigh the negatives.  However, being able to throw an event at a unique venue that comes with perks, that you would not be able to provide for your guests otherwise, could ensure that all the planning and hard work that you put in will not become an afterthought.  Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness could serve as a new and exciting place for you and all of your peers to get away from the real world for an evening.  Our studio has the capability and versatility to hold several different kinds of events and our staff members will be delighted to assist you along the way.  Feel free to call us to learn more about the options we have for aspiring party-planners!


Will Sweet
Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness
Marketing Coordinator