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Physical fitness should be a very important part of everyone’s life.  Staying active and physically competing with yourself are some of the best ways to live a longer and more fulfilling life.  Yet, obesity rates continue to increase every year and regular exercise routines have started to become an afterthought to the average person.  There is an incredibly long list of reasons why people don’t go to the gym so those vague statistics are probably not going to raise any eyebrows.  It’s hard to fit a regular workout regime into full-time work schedules, monthly membership rates can sometimes rival small car payments, and the famous “I’ll just go tomorrow” excuse are a few examples of reasons that would be featured towards the top of that list.  However, the most disturbing factor keeping people out of the gym is the intimidation factor.  In crowded gyms, it’s possible to feel like everyone’s eyes are focused in on you, which in turn, can cause some uneasiness.

The gym should be a safe place for people to come and work hard to improve their overall health and well-being.  It’s ironic that the people that could benefit the most from introducing regular exercise into their schedule seem to be scared away from gyms.  Being content and comfortable in one’s own skin when it comes to appearance and body type is a milestone that everyone should strive for, regardless of personal circumstances.  With that being said, there is always room for improvement and it is well within everyone’s power to put in the work that is required to make their body feel exactly the way that they want it to.  The whole point behind working out is to improve the overall well-being of your body and pave the way for a long and healthy life.  Our goal at Vfit is to provide the perfect environment to help people reach their physical goals without the threat of the many intimidation factors looming over their heads.

Blue Dumbbells

There are a number of factors that can lead to an intimidating workout environment.  So, several different small-group fitness classes are now offered at Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness that have been designed to eliminate all traces of workout intimidation.  When we say “small-group fitness”, we really mean it.  There will never be more than eight people in a given fitness class.  The sheer number of people that can be running around a gym at one time is enough to discourage even the most avid gym-rats.  Overpopulation is something that will never be problem at Vfit, though.  Actual personal space and not having to look both ways before you bend down to pick up a weight are a few benefits that are never even thought of at commercialized workout facilities.

Team Break

It is often much more difficult to form personal relationships in overpopulated areas, as well.  That could be why New York City is consistently one of the “loneliest” cities in America.  By Vfit sticking to the true nature of small-group fitness, all of our members are given the opportunity to socialize with people that share common interests during every class.  By signing up for an 8-week Tabata Bootcamp, your same group will meet at the studio three times per week, allowing every member of the group to become closer as they work together and hold each other accountable throughout the process.  Getting to know the people that you are working out with is yet another way that the intimidation factor can become a thing of the past.


The whole team at Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness is always here to help and make all of our members feel as comfortable as possible.  We want to see everyone who walks through our doors succeed and become the best they can be.  There are no judgements here, there is only positive reinforcement and the means to help everyone reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We offer daily Tabata and Yoga workouts that are guaranteed to never be overpopulated.  Great measures have been taken in order to engineer small-group workouts that are completely free of intimidation factors.  Vfit is truly a “come as you are” workout facility, so you have nothing holding you back.

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Will Sweet
Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness
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