New name, same great service.


Cingular Wireless became AT&T, the Rams used to be from St. Louis (kind of), and Muhammad Ali was once known as Cassius Clay.  Some of the greatest people and businesses alike have undergone name changes over the recent decades.  With Cingular changing their name and joining forces with AT&T, they were able to become one of the most successful cell phone companies in the world.  The late, great(est), Muhammad Ali took it upon himself to change his name to something that embodied his religion and who he was as a human being.  Ali then proceeded to develop into one of, if not the most well-known fighters in history.  The point of this brief history lesson is to demonstrate that name changes do not alter the basic nature of a person or an institution.  In fact, name changes tend to enhance the initial product behind the name and bring out its full potential.  Whether or not this correlation holds truth with the newly relocated LA Rams remains to be seen but one thing that can be promised is that Vfit is the same, great Aqua Massage of Lexington that is being brought to its full potential. 

New Name

Aqua Massage

Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness can still be found at the same convenient location right off of Nicholasville Road with all four of its top-notch, aquatic massage beds.  For anyone who hasn’t already been fortunate enough to experience one of our massages of the future, one 20-minute visit will give you all of the benefits of a traditional 60-minute massage.  Every guest is given the opportunity to relax in the privacy and tranquility brought on by one of our secluded, hydro-therapy massage beds while staying dry, clean, and clothed the entire time.  Vfit is now offering membership packages that will literally cut the price of aqua massages in half for anyone who wishes to make more regular visits to the studio.  We have now made this convenient, quick escape from reality more affordable than ever!

Small-Group Fitness

Massage Bed

The primary alteration to the business that is associated with the name change is the introduction of a small workout facility in the back of the studio.  With the help of this newly renovated area, Vfit now offers small-group fitness classes.  Every class is surrounded with a completely non-intimidating, come-as-you-are training atmosphere.  Several different types of workouts are offered from Zen-finding yoga classes to more intensified Tabata calorie-burners.  Classes can be scheduled on a circumstantial basis or through our Members Only webpage following a membership agreement.  We also offer several bundle packages that allows workouts and aqua massages to be conveniently paired together.  Stop by the studio and check out all of the options that have been made available to you!


ID Life

Promoting wellness and improving the overall wellbeing of our customers is the underlying idea that is pushing Vfit forward as a company.  Our hydrotherapy massage beds allow brief escapes from reality that provide several mental and physical benefits.  Similarly, the purpose behind the various small-group fitness classes, that are offered at our studio, is to give anyone who walks in our doors the opportunity to physically better themselves. Finally, to complete our whole feeling of wellness, we are now selling ID Life and doTerra products.  When it comes to nutrition, one size does not fit all.  Everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to every kind of vitamin and supplement.  Take ID Life’s free health assessment on our website to find out what exactly your body is missing nutrition-wise and how to fix it.  doTerra has put together hundreds of 100% pure essential oils that allows anyone to take care of their body in the most natural way possible.  Specific oils can be used to boost your energy levels, strengthen your immune system, and even balance your mood among dozens of other beneficial effects.  Their products are completely safe for children and animals and there are NO side effects.  There is no better place to get your body right than Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness.

Future Road Sign

The changing of our name is merely serving as a symbol of how Aqua Massage of Lexington is evolving and being brought to its full potential.  Vfit continues to provide the same, great hydrotherapy massage services that has always been offered.  However, we now offer several more wellness opportunities with the intention of making all of our customers feel physically and mentally better.  Stop by and check out some of the new options that we are now offering and treat your body like the temple that it is.  It deserves it!

Wait till you see what’s next, we’re NOT done!

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Will Sweet
Vfit Aqua Massage & Wellness
Marketing Coordinator